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Historical Overview

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The Twenty-First Century

Scarborough Professional Gateway located on Haigis Parkway
Scarborough Professional Gateway located on Haigis Parkway

Residential and commercial growth has continued into the present century. Scarborough is no longer the small town it was in the mid-1900s; it is one of the fastest growing communities in Maine. Its small-town character, proximity to Portland and Boston, excellent schools, abundant undeveloped land and easy access to mountains and the sea are factors that have attracted families and businesses. Realizing the impact of growth on services and the neighborhood "feel" of Scarborough, in 2002/2003 the town initiated a series of neighborhood meetings to solicit citizen input prior to the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update. It is anticipated that the Comprehensive Plan will serve as a blueprint for controlled growth and preservation of natural resources while maintaining Scarborough's small-town character.

Scarborough Town hall
Scarborough Town hall


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Centervale Farm - Business and Retail Center
Centervale Farm - Business and Retail Center
Shops at Bessey Square
Shops at Bessey Square